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THPA Statement


The Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Association (THPA) was shocked to learn from the principals of Hungarian schools in Transcarpathia, heads of education departments of local communities with a share of Hungarian-speaking population that it is not possible to submit an electronic order for textbooks for 8th grade in algebra, physics, geography, geometry biology, health, art in Hungarian. Regarding this problem, we wrote to the regional department of education. In their response, they stated that, according to the Law on Education, there were no plans to publish textbooks in minority languages ​​in the future.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has once again deceived Transcarpathian Hungarians and the international community. At all international forums and bilateral intergovernmental consultations, representatives of the state promised that, in accordance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission on institutions teaching in European languages, the provisions of the Law on Education, which obliges minority schools to teach in Ukrainian, will be implemented gradually from 2023. This means that this provision will first apply to the age group, which will enter the 5th grade in 2023, while the senior classes can continue their education in the initial system.

All this shocks us also because according to the law the number of subjects that will be taught in Ukrainian can increase gradually, in 9th grade this figure should reach 40% of subjects, and institutions can decide which subjects particular to teach in Ukrainian. The fact that the Ministry of Education and Science no longer wishes to publish textbooks in Hungarian deprives minorities of another one of their rights. Thus, the ministry violates the law on education itself, restricting the rights of minorities, as it deprives schools of the right to decide for themselves which subjects they want to teach in the Ukrainian language.

The THPA and Hungarians of Transcarpathia continue to insist on the translation of textbooks required by the state for the educational process into Hungarian and on giving schools the legal right to decide for themselves which subjects will be taught in Ukrainian

Berehove, March 12, 2021


Leaders of the THPA

2021. március 12. péntek 18:43
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